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Rebecca Hilsenrath, boss Jew bitch. Practically all your Catholic priests in the West are going to be White men. Emma Swan ist eine auf sich allein gestellte jährige Frau, deren Leben sich ändert, als sich ihr der. Frankly, I was hoping he would pick the Catholic chick — just to piss off the pro-Abortion creeps. This is THE potty training book. In diesem Fall geben Sie einfach nach unterscheidet, ist vor allem die Tatsache, dass informationstechnisch auf dem neusten Stand sind und. Inzwischen sucht der von seinen Gedächtnislücken geplagte David Therapeut Archie auf. The other power base was Leon Trotsky real Jew name: I remember that summer fairly well. Doch das gemeinsame Abenteuer endet tragisch ….

Their basic tools were a HT radio transmitter and a whistle. The force was created in and was composed of 1, officers.

Security in the city is now the responsibility of the Buenos Aires City Police. The police is headed by the Chief of Police who is appointed by the head of the executive branch of the city of Buenos Aires.

Geographically, the force is divided into 56 stations throughout the city. All police station employees are civilians. Football is a passion for Argentines.

Buenos Aires has the highest concentration of football teams of any city in the world featuring no fewer than 24 professional football teams , [] with many of its teams playing in the major league.

Watching a match between these two teams was deemed one of the "50 sporting things you must do before you die" by The Observer.

Argentina has been the home of world champions in professional boxing. Carlos Monzon was a hall of fame World Middleweight champion, and the current undisputed linear Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez hails from Argentina.

Buenos Aires has been a candidate city for the Summer Olympic Games on three occasions: Buenos Aires bid to host the Summer Youth Olympics.

The track features various local categories on most weekends. The , , , Dakar Rally started and ended in the city. The first rugby union match in Argentina was played in in the Buenos Aires Cricket Club Ground , located in Palermo neighbourhood, where the Galileo Galilei planetarium is located today.

Rugby enjoys widespread popularity in Buenos Aires, most especially in the north of the city, which boasts more than eighty rugby clubs. The city is home to the Argentine Super Rugby franchise, the Jaguares.

The Argentina national rugby union team competes in Buenos Aires in international matches such as the Rugby Championship.

Polo arrived in our country right along with the English, largely landlords, who arrived in our territory in the second half of the 19th century.

With the hand of these immigrants, polo was able to find the men and horses in Argentina to bring it to its top level.

Buenos Aires native Guillermo Vilas who was raised in Mar del Plata and Gabriela Sabatini were great tennis players of the s and s [] and popularized tennis Nationwide in Argentina.

Other popular sports in Buenos Aires are golf , basketball , rugby and field hockey. Norma Aleandro , actress, screenwriter, theatre director [].

Martha Argerich , classical concert pianist. Daniel Barenboim , pianist and conductor []. Carlos Gardel , singer-songwriter born in France; immigrated to Buenos Aires as a child.

Luis Scola , basketball player. People awarded the honorary citizenship of Buenos Aires are:. Kearney and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

See " Global city " for the top 30 in the list. Buenos Aires is twinned with the following cities: Buenos Aires is part of the Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities [] from 12 October establishing brotherly relations with the following cities:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the capital city of Argentina. For the broader conurbation, see Greater Buenos Aires.

For the province, see Buenos Aires Province. For other uses, see Buenos Aires disambiguation. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Names of Buenos Aires. Timeline of Buenos Aires. Argentine War of Independence. Climate of Buenos Aires. Climate of Argentina and Climatic regions of Argentina.

Port of Buenos Aires. Argentine painting and Museums in Buenos Aires. Music of Argentina , Argentine tango , and Argentine rock.

University Revolution and List of Argentine universities. Tourism in Buenos Aires. Parque Tres de Febrero. Landmarks in Buenos Aires.

Las Nereidas font by Lola Mora. Rail transport in Argentina. Trams in Buenos Aires. Campo Argentino de Polo , home of the Argentine Open Polo Championship , the most important global event of this discipline.

Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club. Jorge Luis Borges , writer. List of twin towns and sister cities in Argentina. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Capitals of South America. Dependent territories and states with limited recognition are in italics. Capital cities of the member states of the Mercosur.

Articles related to Buenos Aires. Neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. Landmarks of Buenos Aires City. Transport in Buenos Aires. Colectivo 60 Colectivo Provincial capitals of Argentina.

Railway Companies in Argentina. Pan American Games host cities. Santiago de Cali Mar del Plata Rio de Janeiro Youth Olympic Games Host Cities.

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I always think of the problem of the various adoptions and republications as strictly an educational issue — Customers are not aware of the policies of the various standards organizations so this proliferation of document numbers is confusing.

But I have not thought about actually providing an explanation of the situation in the results page on our site.

It may take us a while to implement your idea, but we certainly will as it will make it much easier for folks to identify what copy they actually need to order.

There is a relationship between BS and EN. The EN organizations are a regional grouping for the countries that belong to the European Union.

Since the EN standards are not released to the general public as just EN standards, it is up to each nation in the EN system to publish each standard as it is adopted in that country.

Now what about ISO? ISO is the International umbrella organization for standardization. It is made up of representatives from various countries around the world.

Since one major goal of standardization these days is to bring as much harmonization into the system as possible the use of a single standard worldwide for a specific topic is the ideal , it makes a lot of sense for as many countries as possible to use ISO standards.

But again, it cannot be publicly distributed as such. Thank you for the explanation. I am teaching design to HNC Engineering students from both electrical and mechanical backgrounds.

The explanation is simple and makes easy reading. I will use this in my teaching notes if you have no objections? I would be delighted to have you include this in your teaching notes.

And one important group for such education is in academia — specifically engineering students. Thanks so much for thinking of us! I would like make sure that I got your example right: If I have understood correctly the the English language edition by the British Standards institute and the DIN version, translated in English may have some differences due to national standards.

Hope I have this right. All national EN publications can have national cover sheets. Some National Standards Bodies use those cover sheets to tell you administrative information like when they process the standard internally, what other of their standards might have been withdrawn in favor of the EN and so on.

They also have the right to publish a national translation. Most countries publish one of the three official language copies rather than going to the trouble of translating.

Your initial blog explanation and responses to the follow-up questions are crystal clear. I am re-educating myself on security, crisis management and business continuity standards as I am preparing for job interviews.

Thanks so much, Graham! Very nice article Claudia! I am hoping you can clarify one more thing for me. Hopefully you can shed some light. I hope this answers your question!

My questions to you would be: Is it possible to state that both Standards are same in terms of comparing them?

Are they not same? BS Code of practice for safe use of cranes. In this case please clarify how should i distinguish these codes with respect to our discussion or subject.

They are British standards for use in Britain only. The second is the British adoption of an ISO standard.

When the British reviewed this publication, they determined that they would like to adopt it as an official British standard.

So because they belong to ISO and helped to write the standard, they can indeed adopt it. The method by which they adopt standards is to republish them in full with an administrative cover sheet.

Having lots of different standards organizations using alpha numeric designations like this can be confusing. Remember, first look at the initial alpha component of the number — It usually is an acronym that tells you what organization s issued the document.

Then the numeric part tells you what unique document it is from that organization. Let me know if you still have questions.

And thanks again for asking! Thank you very much for all the clarification above. Its helped throw some light into some of the confusion I have been facing.

Besides these nuances, are the adopting countries required to adopt the full context of the EN Standard. I am particularly interested in the potential variation of EMC test procedures, and EMC immunity and emission limits — are they required to follow the same.

I can easily answer question 1. Any EN is only available in a national adoption. You must purchase them in a national edition only.

Certainly, the technical issues involved in the adoption of the IEC standards are beyond my technical expertise.

However, it is my understanding that any deviations from the text of the source document must be notated in the cover sheet administrative information.

I will check in with my sources to see if I can get you a more definitive answer. Finally, with regards to testing requirements.

I would strongly suggest that you use a reputable testing lab and follow their expertise for these issues. Thank you for the informative write-up and comments.

This has usually been a source of confusion for me, and apparently others as well, so I just want to confirm my understanding.

Apologies if this is completely repetitive:. This blog is my most popular posting! I am amazed at how many people need assistance with this particular topic.

Will a lab be required to purchase the EN Please confirm this with your testing lab and certification body. That being said, I do have a question relating to standards that have their status withdrawn.

Can we still make use of a withdrawn standard for reference if that particular standard has an updated version, say for example, ENxxx: First, some contracts do call out obsolete versions of standards.

This can be for a number of reasons, usually involving replacement parts. So we do find any number of folks using obsolete standards at any given time.

However, I think your question is more about transition dates. A common question is how much time do I have before I have to move to the new Edition of a standard?

For EN standards that are on a harmonized list like the harmonized list of standards for the Medical Device Directive , a new Edition of a reference standard has to be formally accepted.

This is done by publication in the Official Journal. Once that happens, the new Edition is put on the harmonized list.

This date is when the old Edition is no longer valid. You must be compliance with the new edition after that date.

Many standards are not on the harmonized list. You need to meet the legal requirements and sometimes that includes specific editions of a standard.

If there are no specific legal requirements regarding which edition to use, then it is up to you. I would caution that using out-dated standards comes with a legal liability.

This provides you with a level of protection against lawsuits based on negligence. My understanding is that until a standard is recognized as an EN standard in the European Official Journal, it is not recognized as a harmonized standard for use in the EU.

Case in point; EN Any insight into this is appreciated. We have to think about the EN standardization process as a separate activity from the EU adoption as a harmonized standard.

But only a few are part of the harmonized standards set. Take the EN This standard is harmonized and found on the list. Why is there a edition without publication as a harmonized standard?

Because an EN standard is written, adopted and published before the administrative review for adoption as a harmonized standard.

After the publication of the Edition, the document was submitted back to the regulators for acceptance. And for some reason, the administrators rejected it.

Thus it was not published in the Journal, so it is not harmonized. But it is still an accepted EN standard because publication came before the administrative review.

Harmonized EN standards are developed at the request of the regulators. Thanks, Claudia — It was a very insightful article. I have a follow up question.

I work with medical device company and currently am tasked with finding all applicable standards associated with our products.

Compliance with harmonized standards is a requirement of our design controls. When I am referring to standards around sterility, cleaning, packaging.

Thanks so much for asking, Yuvaraj: There are a wide variety of EN standards. Certainly, that information is noted in the foreward for sure.

The original set of EN standards was created by accepting standards in use by various countries in Europe.

Thanks so much for asking and sorry to be delayed with my response.

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